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Mandel Company is a 4th generation business that has successfully navigated a progressive course since its inception in 1892.

Beginning in the 19th century and venturing into today's ever-changing era, Mandel has been on the forefront of the color printing industry (or ahead of the curve). Wood engraving and copper and zinc photoengraving soon led to lithography and photoplatemaking. The 21st century brought electronic scanning, digital prepress, and most recently, custom on-demand digital production. Stay tuned as technology enhances the way we do business at a revolutionary rate through the MandelPortal!

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Today, Mandel Graphic Solutions is a unique company with its focus clearly forward. Although we continue to embrace the valuable traditions of the past, we recognize the importance of creating and embracing the graphic arts marketplace of the future. This marketplace is one that demands solutions for detailed information management and Internet based solutions. Accordingly, Mandel's focus is not defined solely by our continued evolution but by our ability to develop processes and utilize technology. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that make our clients better at what they do.
The Mandel story continues.